For all of you expecting a cute and cuddly blog about puppies, this is not that blog. This instead is a cute and cuddly blog about ways parents find to tease their kids long after the kids leave toddlerhood behind. You see, in my household, rather than inflict the “mother” curse on them right away (you know, the curse, the one that says that one day we hope you have a child just like you, the one that I held out with Kath until she was about twelve, MJ until he was about eight, Chunk hasn’t received it yet, and Cupcake received it at about eight days old), we have gathered ammunition with which to tease them. What better way to revisit old memories than to gently tease about the first crush, either celebrity or real (and hence the title, puppy love)?
To be fair to my children, I will admit that my father has his fair supply of ammunition. I am reminded at various times about a variety of childhood crushes including but not limited to Cary Grant, Stefan Edberg, Boris Becker, John Travolta, and a variety of elementary school boys. I thought a little boy in my third grade class named Dusty was destined to be my husband because I am deaf in my left ear and he was deaf in his right. My wonderful hubby is still reminded about a little girl in his neighborhood named Sandy. Apparently when he was four or five, he and Sandy were quite an item. He was going to clear half of his room for her to live there. So these type of memories live long for parents in order to torture us offspring for any slights we may or may not have caused.
MJ, who is nine, now thinks girls have cooties (hopefully this phase will last until eighth or ninth grade). When he was in preschool, however, there was a little girl named Savannah who had blonde ringlets. MJ has always been partial to blondes. We have pictures of him at his preschool field trip with him in his cool black sunglasses holding onto Savannah’s hand. We intend to lord this over him often when he is a teenager and we will know when a girl is serious about him when she wants to see pictures of him when he was young (I think that was a dead giveaway for my in-laws when I loved looking at photo albums of my wonderful hubby as a child; still love it).
Our little Chunk is developing quite an affinity for redheads. His 14 year old sister Kath has friends over and he always tries to get the attention of one of her friends who is sometimes a redhead. He also loves watching Mythbusters. At least he loves watching Mythbusters whenever Kari Byron is on the show. If you don’t watch Mythbusters, Kari Byron holds her own on the show as a talented artist and explosives queen. She also happens to have red hair. Oh, the mileage we will get out of this when he is older.
Our little Cupcake just has a thing for anyone with an XY chromosome combination. She constantly wants to look on Facebook at pictures of her playgroup buddies. She loves to flirt. Right now she is becoming enamored with a show my wonderful hubby (whom I hope is still talking to me after revealing the previous insights about Sandy-I Love You, Wonderful Hubby) watches called Doc Martin. We don’t know if she likes the actor who plays Doc Martin or the dog. Our vote is the dog, but we could be wrong.
This leads me to Kath, our fourteen year old. She is the inspiration for today’s blog actually. Her first celebrity crush was on Richard Dawson who passed away this week at age 79. When she was a toddler, we watched Match Game (she was too young to understand all the things that were said about Dumb Dora) and Family Feud (sorry Richard Karn, Ray Combs and Steve Harvey, there is only one true Family Feud emcee in my opinion and that was Richard Dawson). When we tried to change the channel, it was “turn back Richard Dawson.” One night my wonderful hubby was changing channels and she made him turn on a movie because she spotted Richard Dawson in it. So goodbye Richard Dawson. Thank you for the wonderful memories you created for our family. I know Kath is a little embarrassed by this memory, but I for one cherish the thought of my sweet little girl asking for Richard Dawson.
Whether they are on a celebrity or a real person, our first crushes are cute examples of innocent puppy love and endless supplies of torture for parents who get to remind us of those days as they stifle a laugh. Who am I kidding-as they laugh hysterically reminding us of our first puppy love.