My wonderful hubby works as a pharmacist for a major retail chain. He is a floater pharmacist, which means he works at different stores at different weeks depending on which stores need a pharmacist to fill in for a vacation, jury duty, illness, maternity leave, etc. Part of being a floater means that he works with a different group of people each week and even each day. He has been a floater long enough that most of the pharmacists and technicians know him. This is not always the case as new pharmacy techs are sometimes at the stores to which he is posted. By the end of a twelve hour day, you get to know the other people with whom you are working. He usually finds out if the fellow employee is married or single, has children or not, and more things like that. He always responds that he is married and has four children, ages 14, 9, 2 and 2. Here is where the fun comments start. He is inevitably asked if we have four children for religious reasons and are we religious fanatics? He is asked whether he is divorced from his first wife or if she died because one woman would not possibly be able to have four children spaced apart like that. One of my favorite comments came the other day. His fellow workers are usually appalled that I am a stay at home mom. They usually ask why I don’t work. My favorite question came the other day when a new pharmacy tech asked, “Well, what does she do all day?”
All sorts of comments always run through my mind when he tells me what people say about me at work. This blog is primarily a humorous look at our lives as well as a clean look at our lives (i.e., I am trying not to use profanity while trying to keep it fairly light and sometimes funny) so I will try to keep my responses as family friendly as I can.
In response to the first question about whether we are religious fanatics, my wonderful hubby would like to wear his Flying Spaghetti Monster shirt to work, but the retail chain does have a dressy work attire code. As yet, his Flying Spaghetti Monster t-shirt has only come in basic white t-shirt mode and not in a dress shirt format. At our church, we are actually an anomaly because we play zone to zone and not man to man. I was talking to a mom and fellow church member and she said she doesn’t understand why we deviated from a man to man defense (meaning two children) to go to a zone to zone defense.
But I especially love the what does she do all day remark. I have tremendous respect for mothers who work full time or part time and get a paycheck for their work. Just because I don’t work at a job where I get paid money, let me assure the person who asked that question that I do work. I sort laundry, do laundry, fold laundry, put away laundry. I make three meals a day on the days my wonderful hubby works either four hours, eight hours or twelve hours a day plus travel time. I’m watching my two year old daughter go potty because she is insisting that I sit down and watch while she reads her magazine while trying to go potty (let me assure DFACS and social workers who are reading this that I am not a pervert; most parents do have to supervise their potty training toddlers). I answer my nine year old’s son’s endless supply of questions. I make sure my fourteen year old practices her flute and does other things besides play Heroes of Might and Magic or IMs on Facebook. I play puzzles with my two year old son. So basically, I’m the chauffeur, cook, maid, court jester, and other occupations all rolled into one during the day. I know that mothers who earn a paycheck also do all of these things as well, but I don’t sit around in curlers watching soap operas. I do things with my children, just like all mothers do. They just see me more hours a day. That doesn’t make either choice right or wrong. Let me emphasize that. If a mother stays at home when she has the financial freedom to do so, it doesn’t make her a lazy person. If a mother works when her partner makes enough for them to live comfortably, that doesn’t make her a bad mother. I respect the right for a woman to do what is right for her and her family. I wish other people would start respecting that as well.